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Are you trusting God with your entire life?  You entire being?  With everything? Do you believe you are exactly where you are supposed to be right now?  You are.  We all are.  I know firsthand it’s so difficult to TRUST that whatever you’re going through, hoping for, praying for – it’s exactly as it should be.  Even if at the moment it isn’t ideal -- in your opinion at least.  It’s all part of a bigger plan.


I have a friend who I speak to often about our struggles and inability to become pregnant.  We always vent to one another and have an openness between us that we don’t have with others because well … we both know all the feelings.  I always tell her, and I truly do believe, that despite the heartache of it, that SOMEDAY we will [both] look back and it’ll all make sense.  I believe that.  I really do.  I get my feelings hurt sometimes and I may have an occasional meltdown but I know that if it’s in the plan for our lives, it’s going to happen.  We may be 35 or we may be 40 when it happens.  Or we might be adopting a Hispanic child named Maria, as that was always my plan as a teenager.  Or Lance and I may live to be 100 with zero children, but I know it will make perfect sense someday. 


I may be rambling, but I don’t really care what you think of this blog post – I really don’t!  (LOL!)  I am saying all of this because we have been going 90 to nothing these past 3 weeks.  My cousin moved here to good ole’ Van Buren, MO with us three weeks ago and has began working with Lance on furniture.  We have been so busy and working LONG, hard days but really cranking stuff out.  I’ve been working in the garage with them before working in our storefront and then going home and working in the garage with them after I close shop.  I just have to tell you though despite working harder than ever, I’ve been experiencing these feelings of … CONTENTMENT.  I am purely and perfectly content – knowing that we are doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing right now.  We have a business that sustains us, that we enjoy, and that we are able to do together.  Now, is this what we will be doing until the end of our time?  I have no idea.  I know that right now, we are happy and we are hustling and one year keeps rolling into another.  We are about to be blessed with a new workshop.  YES!  We are getting out of our garage and having space to walk around, space for the guys to build multiple pieces of furniture, and space for me to lay all my signs out and work on.  We are so excited and we are SO busy, but it’s perfect and it’s great and I know it’s exactly what we are supposed to be doing with our lives.  I had the thought though that it’s already so difficult to juggle all of the things and I DON’T have children.  I can’t imagine how we would be getting all of this done along with children to tend to.  Part of God’s plan?  I am absolutely certain.  I have another friend who sent me this quote:  “God’s delay is not his denial”.  I don’t know what the future holds, but right now I’m so dang content and thankful.  I do not have every thing I want.  The handle on my vehicle is falling off and every light is lit up on the dash.  I need to get my wisdom teeth removed, better health insurance, and we’d love a vacation but I already have way more than I deserve.  I am sitting here looking around our shop which is full of things that we have made that people want to put up in their homes.  My shop is located right next door to my dad’s office.  Never in a million years would I have told you I’d own a home décor and gift shop in my hometown and be working next door to my daddy everyday, but I do.  We are so blessed and so content with exactly where we are.


This blog post may make zero sense as I sell home décor and that is probably what you expect to see a blog post about but oh well!  Like I said, like it or not, this is me.  Read this and maybe you’ll find a newfound contentment and thankfulness for exactly where you are at in your life.

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