(un)Confident Women

Where’s my unconfident women at?! 🙋🏽‍♀️  It’s me, it’s me. No lie. I struggle every day with this. And it’s so easy to let people see what you want them to see on social media but trust me, 99% of it is hooey. We aren’t showing you the bad and the ugly. And most of the time you don’t REALLY know these women you follow on social media. I think about this so often. I consider my own struggles so often. I think as women we need to learn to communicate, embrace and support each other more. Be real. I wish more people were. Like I might come off as thinking I’m better than you but trust me I don’t. I am naturally inclined to think most all people DON’T like me and are judging me. My silence around you is not because I think I am better than you or because I do not like you but the exact opposite. I think you have a problem with me. Why are we like that? Like why can’t I just be more outgoing and strike up conversations with people regardless of how I think they feel about me. Why do I feel like there is all these things wrong with me to cause someone to not like me? I know it is all in my head. I know it’s completely unrealistic that this person I hardly ever see doesn’t like me for some wacky reason. Why do I have such severe social anxiety. At my age?! It is craziness. A crowd straight up gives me hives. Like legitimate hives from my neckline up my face. It doesn’t matter if it’s at church or a restaurant or the post office, I’m anxious and I’m hived out or on the verge of hiving out. I avoid crowds at all costs. I’ve cultivated a career in which the only person I usually have to see is my husband. Am I alone here? I know there’s a fraction of women who feel the same. There has to be. I also know there are those women opposite of me because they’re the ones who embrace me and make me feel comfortable and strike up conversations with me, act interested in my life and my work. I aspire to be more like these women and I’m thankful for the ones in my life. Your mind can be a toxic place. If you are like me, what are your tricks for avoiding these feelings and suffering this kind of anxiety? Let’s help each other. Women need to feel unity. I love supporting women. I really do try to be a light for people. I want everyone to be successful and feel confident with theirselves and their work. The problem is, we are all our own worst critic. We are all struggling with the untrue things we conjure up in our minds. 

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  • Brooke on

    You ARE a light in this community! You are always so encouraging and supportive ❤️

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