What the ship?!

What am I doing today?  (And have I been doing for the past two weeks?)  Aside from getting our new website up and running, which has been a huge undertaking, I've also been researching shipping.  Guys, I HATE how much it costs to ship our signs to you, but I hope you understand we are in no way making money off of shipping costs.  In fact, just the opposite is likely true.  We want our signs to make it to you damage free.  And knock on wood, as far as I know, we have only had one -- well maybe two signs arrive damaged.  I buy bubble wrap in rolls as big as me.  It's pretty comical actually.  I usually have two shipped at a time and they take up the entire rear end of my vehicle.  We buy various size boxes and are able to use poly bag mailers for our smaller signs.  I bubble wrap the heck out of your signs though.  Especially those that I send in the poly bags.  I'm currently researching corrugated cardboard by the roll.  That definitely wouldn't be a time saver, because I would essentially be making each box.  But it may be a cost-saver because it's going to weigh less and fit the package perfectly, possibly giving you smaller dimensions -- AKA less cost.  I don't know, but please rest assured that we are always trying to stay up on this topic and are open to figuring out any way to lessen these costs.


On a brighter note, I'm also about to work out a new kitchen table centerpiece.  I hit the Hearth and Hand section at Target.  Stay tuned! 

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